Table 2: Number and weighted percent with ambulatory care sensitive hospitalizations by multimorbidity among Medicare beneficiaries Medicare current beneficiary survey, 2000–2005.

Wt% Wt% Wt%

Multimorbidity classification

Any ACSH ***
Acute ACSH **
Chronic ACSH ***

Among inpatient users only

Any ACSH *
Acute ACSH
Chronic ACSH ***

Note: Based on 8,963 Medicare beneficiaries who were followed for 3 years and were first interviewed either in 2000, 2001, 2002, or 2003 and not enrolled in Medicare Health Maintenance organizations during the observation years.
Asterisks represent significant group differences between multimorbidity categories and preventable hospitalizations based on chi-square tests.
ACSH: ambulatory care sensitive hospitalizations; Wt: weighted
*** ; ** ; * .