Research Article

Risk of Burnout in Danish GPs and Exploration of Factors Associated with Development of Burnout: A Two-Wave Panel Study

Table 2

Association between new cases of burnout in the 2012 survey and possible risk factors ( ).

Variables assessed in the 2004 survey New cases of burnout (%)UnivariateMultivariatea
OR95% CI valueOR95% CI value

Marital status
Practice org.
 Other than solo11413.21(Ref)1(Ref)
Open access
 Weekly or never14312.61(Ref)1(Ref)
Weekly patient-related working hours in practice
Monthly working hours in out-of-hour primary care
Minutes per cons.
13 min12012.51(Ref)1(Ref)
 <13 min3215.61.30.5–3.60.6191.40.4–4.40.614
Number of patients per GP
Number of consultations per GP in 2003
General practice would still be your choice if you were to select your medical specialty today
 No or neutral1631.33.71.1–12.10.0324.51.2–16.50.023
 <55 12015.01(Ref)

The multivariate analyses adjusted for sex, age, and baseline scores (2004) on emotional exhaustion, depersonalization, and personal accomplishment. Analyses are corrected for clusters of GPs within the same practice.