International Journal of Family Medicine / 2014 / Article / Tab 1

Research Article

The Danish Symptom Cohort: Questionnaire and Feasibility in the Nationwide Study on Symptom Experience and Healthcare-Seeking among 100 000 Individuals

Table 1

Domains in the questionnaire.


(1) Symptom experienceSpecific and nonspecific cancer alarm symptomsAlarm symptoms covering the following areas
Lung, gastrointestinal, gynaecological, and urogenital cancer
General, frequent symptoms
Feeling unwell
Feeling ill
Loss of appetite
Abdominal symptom-based conditions Symptoms based on the consensus classification regarding dyspepsia and irritable bowel syndrome (the Rome III criteria)
Symptoms forming the basis for diagnosis of gastroesophageal reflux disease (Montreal criteria)
Bodily distress syndrome Items identified to classify BDS, covering the following areas
General symptoms

(2) Symptom experience characteristicsDebut First occurrence of the symptom experience
Impact on daily lifeImpact of the symptom experience on daily life activities
Concerns The respondents’ concerns regarding the symptom experience

(3) Reactions in response to symptom experienceUse of social networkDiscussion of symptom experience with friends, acquaintances, and family
Contact with the GP, other therapists, hospital doctors, community nurses, physiotherapists, etc.
Considerations about contact with the GP Decisions of four barriers towards healthcare-seeking using the ABC (awareness and beliefs about cancer)
“It would be embarrassing for me”
“I would be worried about wasting the doctor's time”
“I would be worried about what the doctor might find”
“I was too busy to find time to go to the doctor”

(4) Selected factors with potential influence on the symptom experience and healthcare-seekingLife styleSmoking
Alcohol consumption
Body mass index
Access to social network Frequency of contact in terms of telephone conversations and/or communion with others
Concerns for the respondent The GP’s and surroundings’ reaction and concern for the respondent
Experience with illness Experience with serious illness in the immediate family and close friends

(5) Personality characteristics in relation to symptom experience and healthcare-seekingAttitude towards risk-takingAttitude towards risk in relation to health and finances
Self-rated health Respondents assessment of own health
Coping strategiesRespondents assessments of coping with problems using The Brief Approach/Avoidance Coping Questionnaire