International Journal of Family Medicine / 2015 / Article / Tab 5

Research Article

Does the Primary Care Experience Influence the Cancer Diagnostic Process?

Table 5

Factors associated with patients’ use of their usual source of PHC as point of entry into the cancer investigation process. Patients with a usual source of PHC ().

ORCI 90% value

Cancer site (ref.: breast)
Symptom urgency (ref.: yes)
Sex (ref.: male)
Education level (ref.: primary or secondary)
 College or university1.080.68–1.720.779
Accessibility at the usual source of PHC11.030.90–1.170.722
Continuity at the usual source of PHC10.920.74–1.150.539
Comprehensiveness at the usual source of PHC11.251.06–1.460.023

In this model, age and experience of care indices are continuous variables.
Note: results were similar for models including level of morbidity or type of PHC clinic as covariates and for models excluding symptom urgency.