Research Article

Differences between Groups of Family Physicians with Different Attitudes towards At-Risk Drinkers: A Post Hoc Study of the ODHIN Survey in Portugal

Table 4

Alcohol-related clinical practice behaviours.

Group with worse attitudes
Group with better attitudes

Ask about alcohol even if patients do not
 All the time/Most of the time102 (72.9)76 (80.9)0.16
 Some of the time/Rarely or never38 (27.1)18 (18.9)
Extent to which information was obtained on patients’ drinking alcohol moderately
 Always/As indicated124 (88.6)86 (91.5)0.47
 Occasionally/Rarely or Never16 (11.4)8 (8.5)
Feel prepared to counsel patients reducing alcohol consumption
 Very prepared/Prepared104 (74.3)86 (91.5)<0.001
 Unprepared/Very unprepared36 (25.7)8 (8.5)
Feel effective in helping patients reducing alcohol consumption
 Very effective/effective68 (48.6)73 (77.7)<0.001
 Ineffective/Very ineffective72 (51.4)21 (22.3)
Number of times a blood test was requested in the last year because of alcohol concern
 >12 times77 (55.0)61 (64.9)0.13
 ≤12 times63 (45.0)33 (35.1)
Number of patients managed for alcohol in the last year
 ≥7 patients92 (65.7)71 (75.5)0.11
 <7 patients48 (34.3)23 (24.5)

Chi-square test.