Indian Journal of Materials Science / 2014 / Article / Fig 3

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Second Harmonic of Laser Radiation for IR-Range in Mixed Crystals

Figure 3

Dependences of conversion efficiency of radiation energy of pump wave to energy of wave of second harmonic on crystal as a function of the phase mismatch calculated in the constant-intensity approximation at pump intensity of  MW/cm2 for —AgGa0.7In0.3Se2 (groups of curves 1 and 4), 0.6—AgGa0.6In0.4Se2 (groups of dashed curves 2 and 5), and 1—AgGaSe2 (group of curve 3). In each group, the upper curve corresponds to wavelength of radiation equal to 9.64 mcm, the middle one corresponds to 9.55 mcm, and lower curve corresponds to 9.31 mcm. Here crystal length of  cm [4] (groups of curves 1 and 2), 0.8 cm [4] (group of curve 3), and 0.65 cm (groups of curves 4 and 5). For AgGaSe2 crystal  cm−1,  cm−1 [4] and     cm−1,  cm−1 [4].