International Journal of Nuclear Energy / 2013 / Article / Tab 6

Research Article

A Small-Sized HTGR System Design for Multiple Heat Applications for Developing Countries

Table 6

Heat and mass balance of vessel cooling system.

Parameters2-system operation1-system operation

Boundary conditions
RPV temperature (°C)295295
Air temperature at air cooler inlet (°C)29.429.4
Cooling water panel temperature (°C)
Cooling water temperature (°C)
 Panel inlet42.650.5
 Panel outlet49.449.750.060.761.161.1
Water flow rate (t/h)4.968.77.63.344.74.9
Heat exchange (kW)39.4572.466.038.1550.359.8
Air flow rate (m3/s)18.924.0
Air temperature at air cooler outlet (°C)45.153.6