International Journal of Oceanography / 2013 / Article / Tab 1

Research Article

Internal Solitary Waves in the Brazilian SE Continental Shelf: Observations by Synthetic Aperture Radar

Table 1

ISWs main characteristics in the SECS obtained from SAR imagery.

MeanStd. DeviationMaximumMinimun

Wind speed over ISWs (ms−1)
Local depth of occurrence (m)1115150914
Direction of propagation (degrees)319
ISW propagation speed (ms−1)0.640.161.040.32
Wave crest length (km)43.528152.510.5
Wavelength 1st soliton (km)1.040.442.360.3
Wavelength 2nd soliton (km)0.90.422.110.22
Wavelength 3rd soliton (km)0.850.371.70.32
Wavelength of Internal Tide (km)28.66.9446.5714.4