International Journal of Peptides / 2012 / Article / Fig 3

Research Article

Amyloid Beta Peptide Slows Down Sensory-Induced Hippocampal Oscillations

Figure 3

Amyloid beta slows, in a dose-dependent manner, the oscillatory activity induced by sensory stimulation. Change in power induced by sensory stimulation in control rats (black circles; ) compared to that in amyloid beta-injected rats (gray circles; ). Animals were injected with two doses of amyloid beta. With 5 pmoles (a), the increase in power, upon sensory stimulation, shifts towards slow frequencies. Injection of 50 pmoles of amyloid beta (b) also shifts the increase in power, upon sensory stimulation, towards slow frequencies, and it also significantly reduces the increase in theta rhythm. *Indicates a significant difference compared to control rats ( ; Mann-Whitney test).