Table 1: A list of some important molecular maps developed in wheat.

Map type/class of wheatPopulation used for mappingNo. of loci mappedGenetic map length (cM)Reference

RFLP maps
Diploid wheat (D-genome) [T. tauschii (TA1691 var. meyeri TA1704 var. typica)]1521554[25]
Diploid wheat (D-genome) [Aegilops tauschii var. meyeri(TA1691) Ae. tauschii var. typica(TA 1704)]546[26]

SSR maps
Bread wheatITMI RILs (W7984 Opata85)279[18]
Bread wheatRILs (Synthetic Opata)12352569[16]
Bread wheatRILs (W7984 Opata85)14062654[27]
Bread wheatDHs (Kitamoe Munstertaler)4643441[28]
Bread wheat*RILs (Chuan-Mai18 Vigour18)2443150[29]

AFLP maps
Bread wheat*RILs (Wangshuibai Alondra’s)2502430[30]

Composite maps
Einkorn wheat (T. monococcumssp . monococcum DV92 T. monococcum ssp. aegilopoides C3116) (marker loci-mainly RFLPs)3335714[31]
Einkorn wheatRILs (Triticum boeoticum T. monococcum) marker loci-RFLPs, SSR1771262[5]
Durum wheatRILs (T. durum var. Messapia T. turgidium var. MG4343) (marker loci-RFLP, Glu3B, others)2131352[32]
Durum wheatRILs (T. durum var. Messapia T. turgidium var. MG4343) (marker loci-AFLPs, RFLPs)882063[33]
Durum wheatRILs (Jennah Khetifa Cham10 (marker loci-RFLPs, SSRs, AFLPs)2063598[34]
Durum wheat*RILs (Omrabi 5 T dicoccoides 600545) (marker loci-SSRs, AFLPs)3122289[35]
Bread wheatRILs (T. aestivum L. var. Forno T. spelta L. var. Oberkulmer) (marker loci-RFLPs, SSRs)2302469[36]
Bread wheat*DHs (CM-82036 Remus) (marker loci-RFLPs, AFLPs, SSRs, etc.)3841860[37]
Bread wheat*DHs (Savannah Senat) (marker loci-SSRs, AFLPs)345 (17)2300[38]
Bread wheat*RILs (Renan Récital) (marker loci-SSRs, RFPLs, AFLPs)265 (17)2722[39, 40]
Bread wheatF5s(Arina Forno) (marker loci-RFLPs, SSRs)3963086[41]
Bread wheatDHs (Courtot Chinese Spring) (marker loci-RFLPs, SSRs, AFLPs)6593685[42]
Bread wheat*DHs (Frontana Remus) (marker loci-SSRs, STSs, AFLPs, etc.)5352840[43]
Bread wheatRILs (Grandin BR34) (marker loci-TRAPs, SSRs)3523045[44]
Bread wheat*DHs (Spring SQ1) (marker loci-AFLPs, SSRs)5673521[45]
Bread wheat*RILs (Dream Lynx) (marker loci-SSRs, STSs, AFLPs)283 (17)1734[46]
Bread wheat*DHs (AC Karma 87E03-S2B1) (marker loci-STSs, SSRs, etc.)167 (15)2403[47]
Bread wheat*DHs (Trident Molineux) (marker loci-SSRs, STSs, RFLPs, etc.)2513061[48]
Bread wheat*DH (Arina Riband) (marker loci-AFLPs, SSRs)2791199[49]
Bread wheat*DHs (RL4452 AC Domain) (marker loic-SSRs, genes, etc.)3692793[50]
Bread wheat*RILs (Chuan 35050 Shannong 483) (marker loci-SSRs, EST-SSRs, ISSRs, SRAPs,TRAPs, Glu loci)3813636[51]
Bread wheat*DHs (Shamrock Shango) (marker loci-SSRs, DArTs)2631337[52]
Bread wheatDHs Cranbrook Halberd (Marker loci-SSRs, RFLPs, AFLPs, DArTs, STSs)7492937[53]

*These are framework linkage map prepared for QTL analyses.