Table 1: Transcripts and physiological/biochemical parameters, which showed similar correlative patterns with the change in the amount or rate of accumulation of sugars, amylose, amylopectin, and A- and B-granule. The expression patterns of genes in developing caryopses of spring wheat T. aestivum cv. Bobwhite were examined using RNA from six time-points with 3 biological replicates for each time-point. The gene expression patterns that correlated with the accumulation profiles of the physiological/biochemical parameters were identified using the Pearson Correlation module in GeneSpring GX Software (Santa Clara, CA). Only genes with Pearson’s correlation coefficient (r-value) are shown. The Gene ID and closest BLAST N hit description (cut-off -value 10-10; DNA database release 144) of each transcript are indicated. NA denotes not applicable. Species abbreviations—Os: Orzya sativa, Ta: Triticum aestivum; Tt: Triticum turgidum; Aegilops markgrafii (Am); At: Arabidopsis thaliana; Hv: Hordeum vulgare; Bo: Bambusa oldhamii.

Gene name (Species)GenBank ID

(A) Sugars

Sucrose (mg/gDW)
putative transcription factor BTF3 (Os)BG263006
sucrose:fructan 6-fructosyltransferase (Ta)BQ806964
ATP/ADP carrier protein (Tt)BE426214
putative cytosolic 6-phosphogluconate dehydrogenase (Zm)BE499049
putative transcription factor (Os)BE422879

Fructose (mg/gDW) (top 10 genes)
OsCDPK protein (Os)BE424694
Phosphoglucomutase (Ta)BF484585
Vacuolar invertase1 (Ta)BE470578
Putative aldose reductase (Os)BE426211
Putative myb protein (Os)BM134356
0.19 dimeric alpha-amylase inhibitor (Am)BE425004
Kelch repeat-containing F-box family protein-like (Os)BQ805590
Putative DNA methyltransferase DMT106 (Os)BG274989
Putative UDP-glucose dehydrogenase (Os)BQ804766
Transmembrane protein kinase (Os)BG604519

Glucose (mg/gDW) (top 10 genes)
Calmodulin (Zm)BE495028
14-3-3 protein homologue (Hv)BE424346
Putative transcription factor (Os)BE404468
Cold shock protein-1 (Ta)BF146102
Phosphoglucomutase (Ta)BF484585
Putative transcription factor PCF3 (Os)BQ838703
Auxin responsive protein-like (Os)BF429053
Putative UDP-glucose dehydrogenase (Os)BQ804766
Putative phosphogluconate dehydrogenase (Os)BQ806618
Putative aldose reductase (Os)BE426211

(A) Amylose and Amylopectin

Percentage Amylose
Amylose amount (mg/gDW)NA
Alpha-gliadin (Ta)BE399594
Fresh weight per caryopsisNA
B-granule % volumeNA
Gamma-gliadin (Ta)BE422921
Amylose rate (mg caryopsis/day)NA
Amylose amount (mg/caryopsis)NA
Gamma-gliadin (Ta)BE422980

Percentage Amylopectin (top 10 genes)
Auxin-induced protein (Saccharum hybrid cultivar)BE444720
Putative zinc finger protein (Os)BG604730
Triose phosphate translocator (Ta)BE488921
Putative OsLRK1(receptor-type protein kinase) (Os)BG607784
Putative pyruvate dehydrogenase E1 beta subunit (Os)BE494481
Putative alkaline/neutral invertase (Os)BQ806650
Putative zinc finger protein (Os)BF201579
MADS box transcription factor (Ta)BF429033
Thioredoxin H (Ta)BE423204
Putative pyruvate dehydrogenase E1 beta subunit (Os)BE399382

Amylose rate (mg/gDW/day)
Sucrose synthase (Type I) (Hv)BF474552
Brittle-1 protein; chloroplast precursorBE399058
Sucrose synthase 2 (Bo)BE498731
BRI1-KD interacting protein 103 (Os)BE424602
DnaJ domain family (At)BE497111
Nuclear inhibitor of PP1-like (Os)BE637971

(B) Starch granules

A-granule number % (top 10 genes)
Putative TATA box-binding protein associated factor 10 (Os)BE399264
Putative DEAD BOX RNA helicase (Os)BE404899
MADS box transcription factor (Ta)BF429033
Adenosine kinase (Zm)BE424366
Glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase (Ta)BF291587
Granule-bound starch synthase GBSSIIBE497955
MADS-box protein 9 (Hv)BQ804479
TaWIN1 (Ta)BE424197
Putative transcription factor (Os)BE422879
Putative transcription factor (Os)BE423371

B-granule number % (top 10 genes)
Gamma-gliadin (Ta)BE423485
B-granule volume %NA
Gamma-gliadin (Ta)BE422921
Aldolase (Os)BE488825
B/A-granule number ratioNA
Beta-amylase 1 (Hv)BE423462
Water content (mg/caryopsis)NA
Low molecular weight glutenin (Ta)BE424477
Gamma-gliadin (Ta)BE422980
Seed storage protein (Ta)BQ805009

A-granule volume %
Putative SNF2 domain-containing protein (Os)BE399473
Putative zinc finger protein (Os)BF201579

B-granule volume % (top 10 genes)
Gamma-gliadin (Ta)BE423485
B-granule number %NA
B/A-granule number ratioNA
Gamma-gliadin (Ta)BE422921
Aldolase (Os)BE488825
B/A-granule volume ratioNA
Beta-amylase 1 (Hv)BG262481
Triticin precursor (Ta)BF428943
Gamma-gliadin (Ta)BE422980
Globulin (Tt)BE398314