Figure 5: Multiple alignment including the “classical” chromodomain (dmHP1 from Drosophila melanogaster) and sampled representatives of group I and group II chromodomains from LTR retrotransposons (a); estimated tertiary structure for dmHP1 CHD (pdb : 1q3l; [7]) and predicted tertiary structures for some LTR retrotransposon CHDs (b). The GenBank accession numbers are indicated for each sequence used. The secondary structure elements are shownon the top (arrows indicate β-strands; rectangle α-helix) [37]. Three aminoacids that were shown to be under positive selection in the Tekay-Reina cluster are highlighted in yellow. The aminoacids that are potentially under positive selection in the Galadiriel-Reina-Tekay cluster are highlighted in red. An additional helix structure is indicated by an arrow for representatives of the Reina and Tekay clades.