Table 10: Comparison between home country and most likely destination (MLD) by sector.

Health sector students (%)Other students (%)Difference between health sector and other students (%)

Better/much better in MLD*
 Level of income9283+9
 Quality upkeep of public amenities8274+8
 Prospects for professional advancement7671+5
 Availability of quality affordable products7574+1
 Ability to find medical services7369+4
 Customer service7368+5
 Ability to find a good school for children6864+4
 Children’s future6552+13
 Personal safety6353+10
 Ability to find desirable job6260+2
 A fair level of taxation6152+9
 Ability to find a desirable house6155+6
 Family’s safety6152+9
 Cost of living5954+5
 Job security5857+1

*Two responses from five-point Likert scale reported.