Table 12: Student attitudes towards government retention policies.

Health sector students (%)Other students (%)

Government is completely justified or justified to
 Require citizens to complete national/public service before enrolling at institutions of higher 
 Require citizens who have received government bursaries for education to complete some form
 of national service
 Require citizens to work in the country for several years after completion of their education3243
 Require citizens to pay taxes on all income earned outside of country2535
 Require citizens to pay a larger share of their income in taxes2528
 Require citizens to serve in the armed forces in cases of national emergency2932
 Limit the amount of money you may send out of the country2437
Migration will be much more likely/more likely if government
 Makes it more difficult to emigrate3731
 Requires new graduates to do one-year national service in their area of expertise3838
 Allows people to hold only one passport3031
 Increases the fees for emigration2627
To stop emigration, government should do the following
 Encourage economic development8985
 Encourage the return of qualified professionals6060
 Discourage other countries from employing emigrants2430
 Prohibit it2430
N609 7,124