Table 3: Summary statistics of explanatory and selected variables, 2006.

Full-time workers ( )Part-time workers ( )

Pension wealth and accrual variables ($) mean/median
One-year accrual1,999/2,504636/1,652
Peak accrual20,509/25,50017,541/20,863

Income variables ($), mean/median
Wages and salaries46,012/37,32415,816/9,510
Other employment income3,882/01,466/0
Investment income2,500/01,726/0
CPP income2,700/0
Private pension income12,471/2,342

Job variables
Usual hours of work per year, mean/median 2,405/2,0861,240/890
Occupational groups, %
 Business, finance, and administration18.7%18.3%
 Nature and applied science4.8%3.8%
 Social science education, government9.4%15.3%
 Art, culture, recreation, and sport2.0%2.7%
 Sales and service16.7%27.5%
 Trade, transportation, and equipment17.0%13.5%
 Primary industry5.8%3.9%
 Processing, manufacturing, and utilities6.0%1.6%

Demographic variables
Age, mean/median 57/56.757/57.4
Male, % 58.7%57.9%
Health shock (deterioration of health status), % 3.3%5.9%
Health status, %
 Very good38.6%37.1%
Working spouse, % 53.3%47.2%
Dependent children at home, % 25.3%23.6%
Immigrant, % 15.5%15.1%
Province, %
 Atlantic provinces19.4%16.8%
 Manitoba + Saskatchewan15.7%16.2%
 British Columbia10.2%11.9%