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Research Article

Gender and Reproductive Outcomes: The Effects of a Radio Serial Drama in Northern Nigeria

Table 1

Summary statistics on study independent, dependent, and control variables evaluation of Ruwan Dare in northern Nigeria (Kaduna, Kano, Katsina, and Sokoto), 2009.

Key variablesPercentage

Independent variable
Listened to Ruwan Dare (exposure).
 Regular listeners456.0057.50
Family planning (FP) and reproductive health (RH) outcomes
Do you know a place where you can obtain a method of family planning (FP)?
 No (ref.)222.0028.00
Can people reduce their chances of getting the AIDS virus by using a condom every time they have sex?
 No, DK (ref.)179.0022.60
Is using contraception against the will of Allah/God?
 Yes, DK (ref.)223.0028.10
Couples should space their children at least 2.5 to 3 years apart.
 Disagree (ref.)160.0020.10
Can becoming pregnant every year put the mother at risk?
 No, DK (ref.)239.0030.10
People should plan how many children they will have.
 Disagree, DK (ref.)187.0023.60
Would you say that you approve or disapprove of couples using a family planning method to avoid getting pregnant?
 Disapprove, DK (ref.)286.0036.10
What age do you think is the most appropriate for a female to start bearing children?
 10–19 years (ref.)238.0030.00
 20 years+380.0047.90
Would access to contraceptives encourage infidelity?
 Yes, DK (ref.)369.0046.50
Do you think you will use a contraceptive method to delay or avoid pregnancy at any time in the future?
 No (ref.)243.0030.60
Would you like to have no more children?
 No (ref.)344.0043.40
Are you currently doing something or using any method of family planning to delay or avoid getting pregnant?
 No (ref.)249.0031.40
In the last 3 months have you discussed the practice of family planning with your family, friends, or neighbors?
 No (ref.)367.0046.30
Gender outcomes
Attitudes related to normative beliefs
Did you discuss FP with spouse in the last 3 months?
 No (ref.)520.0065.60
Couples should share responsibility for making decisions about family size.
 Disagree, DK (ref.)130.0016.40
What do you consider to be the ideal marriage age for a female?
 18 years and below (ref.)221.0027.90
 19 years +462.0058.50
A woman’s value is judged by marriage before her first menses and by the number of children she has.
 Agree, DK (ref.)473.0059.60
 Disagree 237.0029.90
A man is never sterile but a woman can be.
 Agree, DK (ref.)465.0058.60
 Disagree 242.0030.50
Girls should be encouraged to continue their education to higher levels.
 Disagree, DK (ref.)147.0018.50
Do you think that your husband/partner approves or disapproves of couples using a contraceptive method to avoid pregnancy?
 Disapprove, DK (ref.)132.0016.60
Who had the final say in the decision that you would get married to or live with your (first) husband/partner?
 Spouse, parents/-in law, others (ref.)470.0059.30
 Jointly with spouse135.0017.00
Women should not be allowed to express their opinion about important family matters.
 Agree, DK (ref.)266.0033.50
A woman should be free to ask her husband to use a condom.
 Disagree, DK (ref.)274.0034.60
Attitudes related to economic empowerment
Who in your family usually has the final say on making large household purchases?
 Spouse, respondent, others (ref.)589.0074.30
 Jointly with spouse83.0010.50
Who mainly decides how the money you earn will be used?
 Spouse, respondent, others (ref.)184.0023.20
 Jointly with spouse78.009.80
Attitudes related to domestic violence
Do you think a wife is justified in refusing to have sex with her husband if she knows he has a sexually transmitted infection?
 No (ref.)69.008.70
Do you think a wife is justified in refusing to have sex with her husband if she knows he has sex with women other than his wives?
 No (ref.)86.0010.80
Do you think a wife is justified in refusing to have sex with her husband if she is tired or not in the mood?
 No (ref.)220.0027.70
Is a husband justified in hitting or beating his wife if she goes out without telling him?
 Yes (ref.)79.0010.00
Is a husband justified in hitting wife if she burns the food?
 Yes (ref.)45.005.70
Is a husband justified in hitting wife if food is not cooked on time?
 Yes (ref.)54.006.80
Control variables
 40 through 59 (ref.)198.0010.70
 15 through 2485.0042.90
 25 through 39340.0025.00
 Female (ref.)477.0060.20
Marital status
 Not married (ref.)112.0014.10
 Currently married595.0075.00
 Rural (ref.)420.0053.00
 Primary (ref.)139.0017.50
 Other (ref.)129.0016.30
Sate of residence
 Sokoto (ref.)199.0025.10