Figure 3: Comparison of functional profiles of rat brain homogenate (RBH) and bovine brain homogenate (BBH). Figure shows percentage change in cAMP hydrolysis activity in each subproteome of RBH ((a)–(d)) and BBH ((e)–(h)) due to cGMP challenge of 25 μM or 50 μM. In each panel, the primary X-axis represents the change in cAMP hydrolysis due to cGMP, the secondary X-axis represents protein concentration, and the Y-axis represents subproteomes. The pair of subproteomes A1 and A2 (and similarly others) was derived sequentially from the same surface in the library as described in the protocol. Grey bars represent mean percent change ( ), in cAMP hydrolysis of each subproteome due to presence of cGMP. Error bars represent (±1) std. Black bars represent protein concentration of each subproteome.