Table 1: Protein identification of differentially expressed spots from 2D gel analysis of alcohol-treated embryos. The spot assignments, number of peptides used for identification, UniProtKB accession number, gene name, and the protein identification for each spot. Proteins are grouped by their pattern of expression (up- or downregulated) in alcohol-treated embryos relative to control.

Spot IDNo. peptidesAccessionGene ID Protein ID

Proteins upregulated in alcohol-treated embryos
5829 54Q921I1Tf Serotransferrin precursor
8217 9Q9WVA4Tagln2Transgelin-2
4601 8Q9QZ83Actg1Gamma actin-like protein
7324 5P17751Tpi1Triosephosphate isomerase

Proteins downregulated in alcohol-treated embryos
7605 54P60335Pcbp1Poly (rC)-binding protein 1
4424 36P70195Psmb7 Proteasome subunit β type-7
4110 21P61089Ube2n Ubiquitin-conjugating enzyme E2 N
7013 16Q9CQW5Lgals2Galectin-2
5112 7Q99L47St13Hsc70-interacting protein