International Journal of Spectroscopy / 2011 / Article / Fig 16

Review Article

Spectroscopy Methods and Applications of the Tor Vergata Laser-Plasma Facility Driven by GW-Level Laser System

Figure 16

Comparison between experimental spectra, captured by the spherical mica crystal-based spectrometer with curvature radius, and the spectra modeled by the ATOMIC MUTA calculations carried out at the following plasma conditions: (a) (electron temperature); (electron density); (b) , , size . Note that the surveyed spectral region falls into the soft X-ray range (7.8–9) Å and that only in the case (b) the model calculations include the effect of a finite plasma size (i.e., 100 μm) on the X-ray spectra. An identification of the main spectral features is finally reported.