Table 1: Summary of the 20 explosives measured by both the 785 and 1064 nm Raman systems. In several cases the materials are named by their primary chemical component(s), followed by the common or commercial name, since the primary components define the spectrum. AN: ammonium nitrate, EGDN: ethylene glycol dinitrate, PETN: Pentaerythritol tetranitrate, NC: nitrocellulose, NG: nitroglycerine.

SampleNameComments/chemical composition

1AN/NaNO3-CoalmexOften contains AN, NaNO3, EGDN
2AN/NaNO3-Dyno APEmulsion explosive for mining, AN, NaNO3
3AN/NaNO3-Dynomax ProDynamite blasting gelatine, NG, EGDN, NC, AN, NaNO3
4AN/NaNO3-PowerfracOften contains AN, NaNO3, EGDN, S, NG, NC
5AN/NaNO3-Red-D Gel-BDynamite- often contains NG, EGDN, NC, AN, NaNO3
7NitroglycerineNG, Liquid, 1,2,3-Trinitroxypropane
8NitroguanidineCH4N4O2, used in powders to reduce barrel erosion
9PETNPentaerythritol tetranitrate
10PETN-Primasheet 1000PETN-65% based rubberized explosive
11PETN-Semtex 10Largely contains ~85% PETN
12PETN-Semtex ALargely contains ~84% PETN
13PETN-Semtex HOften contains >25% PETN, <65% RDX
14Picric acid2,4,6-Trinitrophenol, forms sensitive metal salts
16RDX-C4Contains ~91% RDX plus plasticizers and binders
17RDX-PE4Similar to C-4, an RDX-based explosive (white)
18RDX-PW4Largely RDX-based plastic explosive
19TNBTrinitrobenzene, commercial mining high explosive