Table 2: Chemical and material classes of the 125 nonexplosive chemicals and materials that are amongst the species that were tested. For the pure chemicals, species with multiple functional groups were tabulated in each class.

Class/type of compoundNumber of compounds in classClass/type of compoundNumber of compounds in class
Organic classesInorganic classes

Aldehyde3Inorganic or rare earth salt17
Alkane6Mineral, dirt7
Alkene, alkyne7Mineral acid3
Amides, carbamides5Organometallic3
Amine11Peroxides, water2
Amino acid2
Aromatic31Other classes
Carbohydrate4Building material2
Carboxylic acid13Household product4
Ester11Synthetic or natural fabric2
Halogenated organic6Phenomenological
Ketone5Fluorescent material (known)>10
Nitrile, nitro3
Phosphines, phosphonates, and so forth.4
Sulfides, thiols2
Sulfates, sulfones, and so forth.3