International Journal of Spectroscopy / 2016 / Article / Tab 1

Research Article

Electron Density from Balmer Series Hydrogen Lines and Ionization Temperatures in Inductively Coupled Argon Plasma Supplied by Aerosol and Volatile Species

Table 1

ICP operating parameters.

Generator40.68 MHz
Monochromator1 m with 4320/2400 grooves/mm grating
Photomultipliers Hamamatsu R106 and R955
Rf power1000 W and 1200 W
Injector i.d.2.5 mm
Observation zone12 mm above load coil
Ar flow rates:
plasma gas13–15 L min−1
sheath gas0.2 L min−1
carrier gas 0.3 L min−1
Solution uptake:
acidified sample1.0 mL min−1
reductant1.0 mL min−1
Line wavelength (nm)Sn II (189.9), Sn I (235.5), Hg II (194.2), Hg I (253.6), Mg II (280.3), Mg I (285.2), Hα (656.3), Hβ (486.1) Hγ (434.0 ), and Hδ (410.2)
Lines of Fe I (356–388 nm range) and Fe II (258–276 nm range)
Chemical vapour generation condition
NaBH4 concentration0.75% (m/V) in 0.25 mol L−1 NaOH
HCl or CH3COOH concentration1.0 mol L−1