Figure 2: The fluorescence of alkaloid-containing secretory cells from Berberis vulgaris L. Fruit fluorescing under laser-scanning confocal microscope Leica TCS SP-5 (laser excitation 405 nm): ((a) and (b)) single cells of fruit border on transverse slice, bar = 30 μm, (c) excretion from the fruit, (d) the fluorescence spectra from (b) (cells emitted in green-yellow are marked by rings) and (c) images, (e) the fruit pulp, (f) secretory hair, (g) the fluorescence spectra from images (e) and (f), and (h) the fluorescence spectra registered by spectrofluorometer Perkin Elmer 350 MPF-44B in 0.5 cm3 cuvette from water solution of 10−5 M berberine. Flower: ((i) and (j)) images of whole flower and pistil with pollen on the pistil stigma done by stereomicroscopy and (k) the fluorescence spectra of pollen and pistil recorded by microspectrofluorimetry.