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Journal of Applied Mathematics and Simulation
Volume 1, Issue 2, Pages 137-154

Remarks on a monotone Markov chain

Statistics and Applied Probability Program, University of California, Santa Barbara, USA

Received 27 November 1987; Accepted 1 November 1988

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In applications, considerations on stochastic models often involve a Markov chain {ζn}0 with state space in R+, and a transition probability Q. For each x  R+ the support of Q(x,.) is [0,x]. This implies that ζ0ζ1. Under certain regularity assumptions on Q we show that Qn(x,Bu)1 as n for all u>0 and that 1Qn(x,Bu)[1Q(x,Bu)]n where Bu=[0,u). Set τ0=max{k;ζk=ζ0}, τn=max{k;ζk=ζτn1+1} and write Xn=ζτn1+1, Tn=τnτn1. We investigate some properties of the imbedded Markov chain {Xn}0 and of {Tn}0. We determine all the marginal distributions of {Tn}0 and show that it is asymptotically stationary and that it possesses a monotonicity property. We also prove that under some mild regularity assumptions on β(x)=1Q(x,Bx), 1n(Tia)/bndZN(0,1).