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Journal of Applied Mathematics and Simulation
Volume 1, Issue 4, Pages 305-323

Surface integrals approach to solution of some free boundary problems

Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, San Jose State University, San Jose 95192, CA, USA

Received 3 November 1988; Revised 21 December 1988

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Inverse problems in which it is required to determine the coefficients of an equation belong to the important class of ill-posed problems. Among these, of increasing significance, are problems with free boundaries. They can be found in a wide range of disciplines including medicine, materials engineering, control theory, etc. We apply the integral equations techniques, typical for parabolic inverse problems, to the solution of a generalized Stefan problem. The regularization of the corresponding system of nonlinear integral Volterra equations, as well as local existence, uniqueness, continuation of its solution, and several numerical experiments are discussed.