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Journal of Applied Mathematics and Stochastic Analysis
Volume 9, Issue 3, Pages 263-270

A characterization and moving average representation for stable harmonizable processes

Shiraz University, Department of Mathematics and Statistics, Center for Theoretical Physics and Mathematics, Tehran AEOI, Iran

Received 1 March 1995; Revised 1 December 1995

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In this paper we provide a characterization for symmetric α-stable harmonizable processes for 1<α2. We also deal with the problem of obtaining a moving average representation for stable harmonizable processes discussed by Cambanis and Soltani [3], Makegan and Mandrekar [9], and Cambanis and Houdre [2]. More precisely, we prove that if Z is an independently scattered countable additive set function on the Borel field with values in a Banach space of jointly symmetric α-stable random variables, 1<α2, then there is a function kL2(λ) (λ is the Lebesgue measure) and a certain symmetric-α-stable random measure Y for which eitxdZ(x)=k(ts)dY(s),tR, if and only if Z(A)=0 whenever λ(A)=0. Our method is to view SαS processes with parameter space R as SαS processes whose parameter spaces are certain Lβ spaces.