Figure 8: Intracellular Calcium Transients of EMT. (a) MDSC-EMT calcium transient under electric pacing at 1 Hz, 20 V, 5 ms. (b) Synchronized calcium transients at rest (top) and during spontaneous beating (bottom) of cells within MDSC-EMT. (c) Unsynchronized spontaneous calcium transients in MDSC-EMT. Scale bar indicates 50 μm. (d) Representative calcium transients of MDSC-EMT (blue) and iPS-EMT (red) at baseline and after addition of 1 μM ISP. (e) Chronotropic effect of ISP on calcium transient activity of EMT. Treatment of culture day 14 MDSC-EMT and iPS-EMT with 1 μM ISP increased spontaneous calcium transient activity. * versus baseline.