Table 3: Ambient temperature and humidity regimes at Hisar (Haryana, India).

MonthsRelative humidity (ranges) Temperature regimes (ranges)
Minimum (%)Maximum (%)Maximum (°C)Minimum (°C)

WinterDecember to mid-February50–6080–9010 to 25−1 to 13
SpringMid February to March40–5060–7025 to 3015 to 20
Early summerApril to mid-May20–3040–5030 to 4425 to 28
Late summerMid May to June/early July15–2030–3544 to 4828 to 30
MonsoonEarly July to September70–80>9025 to 3820 to 25
AutumnOctober-November40–5060–7025 to 3215–18

Modified from Sihag [15].