Research Article

Evaluation of the In Situ Hybridization Signal Patterns of Liquid-Based Cytological Human Papillomavirus Specimens for Diagnosing Squamous Intraepithelial Lesion

Table 1

A list of the case studied.

Case no.AgePCR (HPV genotype)CytologyHEh-ISH

32231NILMsq. epithelium
43558LSIL + CIN1I/E(+)I(÷)I(÷)
52718/58LSIL + CIN1E/I(+)E/I(+)I(÷)
6456/18LSIL + CIN1
72556LSIL + CIN1E/I(+)E/I(+)I(÷)
82651LSIL + CIN1
92816LSIL + *CIN3 (CIS)I(+)I(+)I(+)
112918LSIL + CIN1E/I(+)E/I(+)I(+)
122466LSIL + CIN1E/I(+)E/I(+)
133016LSIL + CIN1I(÷)
145253LSIL + CIN1
153952LSIL + CIN2
173816ASC-US + CIN1E(+)E(+)I(÷)
224759HSIL (moderate) + CIN1
232916HSIL (moderate)CIN1
2442HSIL (moderate) + CIN3I(+)I(+)I(+)
256016/18/68HSIL (moderate) + CIN3I(÷)I(÷)I(÷)
262466HSIL (moderate) + *CIN3I(÷)I(÷)I(÷)
273016/33HSIL (moderate) + CIN3I/E(+)I(+)I(+)
282616HSIL (severe) + CIN3I(+)I(+)I(+)
296452HSIL (severe) + CIN3I(÷)I(÷)I(÷)
302916HSIL (severe) + CIN3E(+)E/I(+)I(+)
314152HSIL (CIS) + CIN3 (CIS)I/E(+)I(+)I(+)
322516HSIL (CIS) + CIN3 (CIS)I/E(+)I(+)I(+)
333016HSIL (CIS) + CIN3 (CIS)E/I(+)I/E(+)I(+)

Abbreviations: NILM, negative for intraepithelial lesion; sq., squamous; LSIL, low grade intraepithelial neoplasia; ASC-US, atypical squamous cells of undetermined significance;
HSIL, high grade intraepithelial neoplasia; CIN, cervical intraepithelial neoplasia; CIS, carcinoma in situ; PCR, polymerase chain reaction; c-ISH, cytological in situ hybridization; h-ISH, histological ISH; superficial, superficial layer; intermediate, intermediate layer; basal, basal laer in cervical epithelial layer; E, episomal pattern; I, integrated pattern.
The intensity of expression of above items was evaluated on an arbitrary scale from − (no detectable staining), ÷ (weak staining intensity), to + (significant staining intensity).
In hISH, E/I indicates the E-signal is more than I-signal, I/E indicates the I-signal more than E-signal.
*In the case  9 and 26 (CIN3 cases), CIN1 lesions are also observed in the same histological specimen.