Table 1: Patient Demographics and Pathological Diagnosis.

Case numberAgeSexSiteCytologic diagnosisHistologic diagnosis

138MSoft palateMixed microbial infection with necrosisNA
251MOropharynxAbscessGranulation tissue with acute and chronic inflammation
34MCheekAcute and chronic inflammationMixed microbial infection with necrosis
444MR mandibularMarked
Acute inflammation and granulation tissue
53ML cheekCI, NEMChronic inflammation
623FL retropharyngealBenign squamous-lined cystBranchial cleft cyst
770MR maxillary sinusNEM, c/w cystChronic inflammation and fibrosis
815MFloor of mouthNEM, c/w cystNA
924MHard palateNEM, c/w cystNasopalatine cyst
1035MTonsilBenign squamous cellsNA
1150FL cheekNEMNSPC
1242FR floor of mouthNEMNA
1341ML cheekNEMNA
1475MR parapharyngealOncocytic lesion, c/w Warthin’s tumorWarthin’s tumor
1551MMidline hard palatePAPA
1623MR parapharyngealPAPA
1761FR palatePAPA
1858MR palateAtypical squamous proliferationPA with extensive squamous metaplasia
1991FR cheekSCCInvasive SCC
2044FL pharaynxSCCInvasive SCC
2173ML hard palateAdenoid cystic carcinomaAdenoid cystic carcinoma
2256MR upper palatePoorly differentiated carcinomaHigh-grade adenoid cystic carcinoma
2343FL palateBasaloid neoplasmPLGA
2448FL palateBasaloid neoplasmPLGA
2563FR hard palatec/w B cell lymphoma*Follicular lymphoma
2676MLarynx c/w chondrosarcomaLow-grade chondrosarcoma
2762FL retropharyngealMetastatic poorly differentiated carcinomaCorrelated with prior head and neck primary resection
2860MR cheekMetastatic adenocarcinomaCorrelated with prior head and neck primary resection

*Flow cytometry study performed. C/w: consistent with; L: left; NEM: No evidence of malignancy; NSPC: no significant pathologic changes; PA: pleomorphic adenoma; PLGA: polymorphous low-grade adenocarcinoma; R: right; SCC: squamous cell carcinoma. NA: no histologic followup available/case followed clinically.