Clinical Study

Axillary Dissection in Breast Cancer Patients with Metastatic Sentinel Node: To Do or Not to Do? Suggestions from Our Series

Table 5

Axillary recurrences.


No ALNDSLN-861833141,6%
SLN = (ITC)6011135,0%
SLN = pN1mi200000
SLN = pN1a40000
SLN not id80000

ALNDSLN = pN1mi950000
SLN = pN1a20400110,5%
FNAC +23900110,4%
SLN not id400000
SLN before 20055700111,8%


*ARA: axillary recurrences alone; ARR: axillary recurrences within regional recurrences; ARM: axillary recurrences within metastases.