Research Article

A New Classification and Clinical Predictivity for Some Naevus Variants

Table 1

Naevus variants following the literature’s classification*.

Naevus variantDimensionColourShapeRelationship to skin surface

Small brown naevus [5]<5 mmBrownRoundishFlat
Small black naevus [5]<5 mmBlackRoundishFlat
Large brown naevus [5]>5 mmBrownRoundish/ovalFlat
Large black naevus [5]>5 mmBlackRoundish/ovalFlat
“Fried egg” naevus [5]Varies from brown to blackVariableCentral part raised with respect to the periphery
Target naevus [6]Varies from light to dark brownRoundish/ovaiFlat
Raised brown naevus [7]Pinkish-brownRoundishRaised with smooth surface
Moriform Unna's naevus [8]Varies from light brown to pinkish brownBlackberryRaised
Dome-shaped Miescher's naevus [8]BrownDome shapedRaised
Sutton's patch naevus [8]Achromatic peripheral patchRoundish oval ellipticFlat
Spitz'pink naevus [8]Pink-beigeModularRaised

*Our study is based on naevi with a diameter greater than 2 mm.