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ISRN Materials Science
Volume 2011, Article ID 693046, 6 pages
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Electroless Ni-P Coatings: Preparation and Evaluation of Fracture Toughness and Scratch Hardness

1(Rede Temática em Engenharia de Materiais) REDEMAT, 35000-000 Ouro Preto, MG, Brazil
2Fundação Centro Tecnológica de Menas Gerais (CETEC), Avenida, José Cândido da Silveira, 2000 Bairro Horto, B.H, 31170-000 Belo Horizonte, MG, Brazil

Received 11 May 2011; Accepted 21 June 2011

Academic Editors: C. S. Ha, W. Jiang, and D. Sarazin

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Ni-P chemical coatings have been used to prevent wear, corrosion and as an alternative for hard chromium, since the latter's deposition processing is very harmful to the human health and the environment. In the present paper, Ni-P coatings with 8 and 10% P were deposited in steel AISI 1020 and thermally treated. Ni-1wt%P coatings with incorporation of hard particles of Al2O3 were also investigated. The microstructure and phase relationships were analyzed and correlated with the fracture toughness and scratch hardness of the coatings.The results show that the fracture toughness of the coating was smaller when thermally treated at 400°C for 1 hour and the scratch hardness reached a peak in this temperature. The relation of chemical composition and microstructure with mechanical properties of Ni-P coatings is presented. The phosphorus contents, the crystallization, and the incorporation of hard particles in the coatings change the values of toughness fracture and scratch hardness.