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ISRN Neurology
Volume 2011, Article ID 714947, 7 pages
Clinical Study

Effects of 6-month, Multimodal Exercise Program on Clinical and Gait Parameters of Patients with Idiopathic Parkinson's Disease: A Pilot Study

1UNESP-São Paulo State University, Avenue 24-A-1515, 13506-900 Rio Claro, SP, Brazil
2Gait and Posture Studies Laboratory, Physical Education Department-UNESP, Avenue 24-A-1515, 13506-900 Rio Claro, SP, Brazil
3UNICAMP-Campinas State University, SP, Brazil

Received 4 August 2011; Accepted 7 September 2011

Academic Editors: D. T. Dexter and G. Meco

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This pilot study aimed to identify the effects of a 6-month, multimodal exercise program on clinical and gait parameters in patients with Parkinson's disease. Two groups of participants were enrolled in the study: Trained Group (TG) and Control Group (CG). Individuals in the TG exercised three times a week for 24 weeks (in a multimodal exercise program), while the CG participants maintained their regular activity level. Participants in both the TG and the CG were assessed at pre- and posttest by clinical rates and the spatiotemporal parameters of self-paced walking. The two groups were not significantly different in demographic, clinical, and gait data at baseline. There were no significant differences between groups for clinical data at posttest. The purposed multimodal exercise program has found improvement in some kinematic gait parameters for the TG. Further study in the form of randomized controlled trial would be required to establish effectiveness of the intervention.