Clinical Study

Multimodal Behavior Program for ADHD Incorporating Yoga and Implemented by High School Volunteers: A Pilot Study

Table 1

Yoga Posture Score Sheet.

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 Stretching x/2 Stretching x/2
 Straight leg x/2 Leaning back x/2
 Knee down x/2 Legs straight x/2
 Head to knee x/2 Hands straight x/2
 Both hands stretching x/2 Head to knees x/2

Mountain posex/10Tadasanax/10
 Stretching x/2 Stretching x/2
 Arms straight x/2 Hands interlocked x/2
 Hands together x/2 Standing on toes x/2
 Butt down x/2 Hands raised up x/2
 Head to the ground x/2 Fairly balanced x/2

 Stretching x/2 Stretching x/2
 hands behind back x/2 Back straight x/2
 leg position x/2 Arm position x/2
 head to ground x/2 Legs apart x/2
 arms up x/2 Legs straight x/2

Snake posex/10Trikonasanax/10
 Stretching x/2 Stretching x/2
 Hand position x/2 Legs apart x/2
 3 levels x/2 Arms straight x/2
 Arms bent x/2 Legs straight x/2
 Feet together x/2 Arm position x/2

 Time 1
 Time 2
 Time 3