Research Article

Modification of a Volume-Overload Heart Failure Model to Track Myocardial Remodeling and Device-Related Reverse Remodeling

Table 1

Mean echocardiographic measurements obtained in each individual sheep during the 1st operation (after mitral chordal disruption), 2nd operation (left ventricular assist device (LVAD) implantation), and 3rd operation (after 11 weeks of LVAD support).

TimeLVDD (mm)LVSD (mm)IVS (mm)PW (mm)RVDD (mm)LA (mm)EF (%)LV mass (g)

Sheep 1
1st operation (baseline)322277193255201
2nd operation (wk 20)5944119264844570
3rd operation (wk 31)41261110294856210
Sheep 2
1st operation (baseline)362699253665233
2nd operation (wk 20)68501311305650610
3rd operation (wk 31)45301312355664236

EF: ejection fraction; IVS: interventricular septal thickness; LA: left atrial dimension; LV: left ventricular; LVDD: left ventricular diastolic dimension; LVSD: left ventricular systolic dimension; PW: posterior wall thickness; RVDD: right ventricular diastolic dimension.