Research Article

Crystal Structure of Locally Available Tassar Fibers Based on [ A l a - G l y ] 𝑛 Amino Acid Sequence: Using X-Ray Data and LALS Method

Table 1

Refined parameters of Tassar silk fiber with [Ala-Gly]n repeating unit.

Refined parametersTassar (Antheraea mylitta)

Torsional angles (Β°)
  πœ‘ A l a βˆ’141.76
  πœ“ A l a 148.44
  πœ” A l a 179.06
  πœ‘ G l y βˆ’146.16
  πœ“ G l y 138.52
  πœ” G l y 177.87

Eularian angles (Β°)
  πœ€ π‘₯ βˆ’86.70
  πœ€ 𝑦 126.71
  πœ€ 𝑧 βˆ’142.01

Other parameters
 μ (Β°) chain-a102.53
 μ (Β°) chain-b147.65
 u(a); v(a); w(a) 0.7045; βˆ’3.5145; 0.5856
 u(b); v(b); w(b) 1.5278; 1.5305; 0.3205
 Scale factor1.17
 Attenuation factorβˆ’4.83
𝑅 -factor
𝑅 𝑁 0.330
  𝑅 𝑀 0.390