International Scholarly Research Notices / 2011 / Article / Tab 1

Review Article

Mycorrhizal Interactions for Reforestation: Constraints to Dryland Agroforest in Brazil

Table 1

Summary of actual evidence on AM in reforestation in Brazil.

LocationSourceReforestation typeTreeUsesAM sporesS*AMC#GCOthers

Brazil/Minas Gerais StatePagano et al. [2, 3, 18]Agroforestry systemsPlathymenia reticulata; E. contortisiliquum; S. brasiliensis; T. heptaphylla; eucalyptusWoodIN21~50NIInoculation of AMF
Brazil/Pará StateSiviero et al. [40]Agroforestry systemSchizolobium amazonicumWoodNINININDInoculation of AMF species
Brazil/Minas Gerais StateMarques et al. [41], Pagano [33], Pagano et al. [3]Reforested ecosystemCentrolobium tomentosum; native speciesSilviculturalNDND~70%1.23 to 1.55Inoculation of AMF species
Brazil/São Paulo StateMoreira et al. [42]Reforested ecosystemsAraucaria angustifoliaSilvicultural~269~14~35%NDField and greenhouse trials, inoculation of native soil
Brazil/Central Amazon regionSilva and Cardoso [43]Agroforestry systemBactris gasipaes; Theobroma grandiflorum Fruit40 to 120NI21 to 43%ND
Brazil/Minas Gerais StatePouyu-Rojas et al. [44]Greenhouse experiment16 native speciesSilviculturalININNDInoculation of AMF spores
Brazil/Amazonas StateOliveira and Oliveira [45]Agroforestry system. Shade trees: Coffea arabica; Bertholletia excelsa Theobroma grandiflorum; Paullinia cupanaFruitNINI~15%ND
Brazil/Minas Gerais StateCardoso et al. [46]Agroforestry/ monocultural unshaded coffeeCoffea arabicaFruitINNIINND
Brazil/Minas Gerais StateSiqueira and Saggin-Júnior [47]Glasshouse experiment28 native speciesSilviculturalINNDINND3 P levels/ inoculation

AM spores = spore number 100 g soil-1; #maximal AM colonization (%) reported; S = AM species richness; *spores; ND = not determined in the study; IN = informed; NI = not informed. GC = total glomalin content mg g soil-1; spores in 50 cm3 soil. References: Oliveira and Oliveira [45]; Pagano et al. [48]; Pagano et al. [49]; Pagano et al. [50]; Siviero et al. [40]; Silva and Cardoso [43].