(a) Expression analysis: hierarchical clustering
(b) ICA analysis
Figure 6: Microarray expression analysis. Hierarchical clustering heat map (a) and ICA plot (b) of genes obtained from two-class comparisons of adult fibroblasts-versus-adult iPS (571 genes) and ESC-versus-adult iPS (2084 genes). The data reveal predominant similarity among the ESCs on the one hand and between the fibroblasts and the derived iPS on the other hand. Cell samples were H9 (= hESCs), viPS (adult skin Huntington disease retrovirus-derived iPS cells), fFib (foreskin fibroblasts), fiPS (foreskin mRNA-derived iPS cells), aFib (adult skin Huntington disease fibroblasts), and aiPS (adult skin Huntington disease mRNA-derived iPS cells).