(a) Genes similar in hESC and adult Huntington mRNA-iPS
(b) Genes different in hESC and adult Huntington mRNA-iPS
(c) Heatmap of set (a)
(d) ICA—plot of set (a)
Figure 7: Microarray expression analysis. Three-class comparison between fibroblasts and mRNA-iPS cells (factors ONSTKM) from the same donor (adult male, 56, Huntington patient) and hESCs (H9). Logged fold changes (LFC) of genes differentially expressed between mRNA-iPS cells and their donor fibroblasts but similarly expressed in mRNA-iPS cells and hESCs (a) and the corresponding orthogonal selection of genes (b). Grey dots refer to genes with expression changes below the significance level. The hierarchical clustering heat map and the ICA plot of the genes selected in part (a) are shown in parts (c) and (d), respectively. The insertions in parts (a) and (b) show Venn diagrams to illustrate the overlap with the respective genes lists obtained from a three-class comparison of foreskin cells.