Table 10: Economic analysis of various treatment combinations in Western Kenya.

Costs (Ksh) by treatment combination
Variable (ha−1)Local variety KSTP
With fertilizer (A)Without Fertilizer (B)With fertilizer (C)Without fertilizer (D)

Yield (kg/ha)3697.302039.733461.621805.05
Gross field benefit49297271964615524067
Land preparation3,6003,6003,6003,600
Cost of seed600a600a1,2001,200
Cost of fertilizer6,50306,5030
Cost of weeding3,8403,8403,8403,840
Cost of empty bags1,1506001,100525
Total variable costs15,6938,64016,2439,165
Net benefit33,60418,55629,91214,902
Benefit: cost ratio2.142.151.841.62

aThe cost of seed for the local variety was taken as the price of maize price plus the storage costs.