Table 3: Location effects on composition of sprouts produced from seed of eight white lupin lines grown at two locations in Virginia during 2003-2004 crop season.


Proximates (%)
 Protein (%)42.7a39.9b
 Oil (%)8.3a6.9b
Fatty acids (Percentage of oil)
 C16 : 010.0b10.6a
 C18 : 02.18a2.02b
 C20 : 01.12a1.10a
 C22 : 03.52b3.99a
 C24 : 00.57b0.82a
 C16 : 10.87b0.95a
 C18 : 143.8a41.9b
 C18 : 220.7a20.2a
 C18 : 39.9b11.0a
 C20 : 15.02a4.93a
 C22 : 12.39a2.55a
Minerals (%)
Minerals (mg·kg−1)

xL: location; C: cultivar. Means over two locations and two replications. All contents are based on dry weight basis.
yRatio between content of C18 : 2 and C18 : 3 fatty acids (linoleic : linolenic fatty acids).
*Means followed by similar letters are not different according to Duncan’s multiple range test at 5% level of significance.