Table 4: Summary of the Physical and Photocatalytic Properties for all the prepared Photocatalysts.

PhotocatalystsFilm thicknessSurface areaConcentration tolueneAmount of toluene removedPercentage of toluene remove
𝜇 𝑚 m2/gppmμmol/hr%

HPC 80 K with alpha terpineol2.0678.920.990.4835.46
HPC 370 K with alpha terpineol2.5680.230.980.5238.84
PEI 600 with alpha terpineol3.4585.780.980.6145.97
PEI 600 without alpha terpineol2.9682.121.000.5742.22
PEI 1800 with alpha terpineol3.9586.900.990.7757.10
PEI 1800 without alpha terpineol3.2581.091.000.5843.10