Table 4: Carbohydrate content in pediatric analgesics/antipyretics and daily total carbohydrate estimates for a five-year-old child (weighing 18 kg) on maximum treatment doses (concerns for the patient on a ketogenic diet) [5] a . Medications with high carbohydrate content (≥2 g per dose) are highlighted in bold.

Description (brand name) Dosage unit Grams carbohydrate per dosage unit Maximum daily dose for an 18 kg 5-year-old childDaily carbohydrate total from maximum dosing of medication for a 18 kg 5-year-old child (grams)

Acetaminophen extended release caplets (Tylenol)650 mg<0.0315 mg/kg/dose for 5 doses/day<1
Acetaminophen extra strength caplets (Tylenol)500 mg<0.0515 mg/kg/dose for 5 doses/day<1
Acetaminophen extra strength gel caps (Tylenol)500 mg<0.0515 mg/kg/dose for 5 doses/day<1
Acetaminophen infant drops (grape and cherry) (Tylenol)0.8 mL<0.7115 mg/kg/dose for 5 doses/dayn/a for this patient
Acetaminophen liquid suspension (cherry) (Tylenol)160 mg/5 mL<515 mg/kg/dose for 5 doses/day42.2
Acetaminophen regular strength caplets (Tylenol)325 mg<0.0415 mg/kg/dose for 5 doses/day<1
Acetaminophen elixir (Tylenol)160 mg/5 mL<1.615 mg/kg/dose for 5 doses/day13.5
Acetaminophen extra strength liquid (Tylenol)1000 mg/30 mL<5.715 mg/kg/dose for 5 doses/day7.7
Acetaminophen junior strength swallowable caplets (Tylenol)160 mg<0.415 mg/kg/dose for 5 doses/day<1
Acetaminophen grape flavored suspension (Tylenol)160 mg/5 mL<4.815 mg/kg/dose for 5 doses/day40.5
Acetaminophen elixir with codeine (Tylenol with Codeine)  *0.35 g ethyl alcohol/5 mL120 mg/5 mL315 mg/kg/dose of APAPb for 5 doses/day33.8
Acetaminophen with codeine tablets (Tylenol with Codeine)All strengths0.0515 mg/kg/dose of APAP for 5 doses/day<1
Acetaminophen chewable tablets (Tylenol)80 mg0.2515 mg/kg/dose for 5 doses/day4
Ibuprofen tablets (Advil)200 mg0.2340 mg/kg/day0.7
Ibuprofen drops (Motrin)40 mg/mL<0.4140 mg/kg/day7.4
Ibuprofen suspension (Motrin)100 mg/5 mL<0.6340 mg/kg/day4.5
Ibuprofen chewable tablets (Motrin)50 mg<0.2840 mg/kg/day3.9
Ibuprofen chewable tablets (Motrin)100 mg<0.5440 mg/kg/day3.8

aFor a five-year-old child weighing 18 kg, the maximum recommended carbohydrate amount is 21 g per day for the 3 : 1 classic ketogenic diet.
bAPAP: N-acetyl-para-aminophenol, or better known as acetaminophen.