Table 2: Comparison between patients with and without aortopulmonary shunt with regard to exercise stress testing.

Aortopulmonary shunt
No (14)Yes (7) 𝑧 𝑃 Sig.

Work time (min)12.3010.57–14.069.352.27–10.152.760.006S
Work stage5.004.00-–4.002.760.006S
Max HR (bpm)156.50136.00–171.25146.00136.00–169.000.370.71NS
% of target HR8372–947670–870.710.48NS
Max SBP142.50120.00–151.25125.00120.00–135.001.580.11NS
Max DBP80.0073.75–85.0080.0075.00–80.000.850.40NS
Max METs7.007.00–10.104.60 2.30–7.002.740.006S
% of METs44.5029.75–502416–302.990.003S

HR: heart rate, SBP: systolic blood pressure, DBP: diastolic blood pressure, MET: metabolic equivalent.