Table 1: Baseline characteristics of pregnant women with preeclampsia and those without preeclampsia.

n (35)
P value

Maternal age NS
Systolic BP (mmHg) 0.0001
Diastolic BP (mmHg) 0.0001
GA at delivery (weeks) 0.05
Protenuria 0.0001
Total cholosterol (mg/dL) NS
HDL cholosterol (mg/dL) NS
LDL cholosterol (mg/dL) NS
Triglyceride (mg/dL) 0.06
VLDL cholosterol (mg/dL) 0.06
FG (mg/dL) NS
LV end-diastolic diameter (cm) NS
LV end-systolic diameter (cm) NS
LA diameter (cm) NS
EF (%) NS
LVM (g/m2) NS
EFT (mm) 0.05

Values are mean ± SD.
BP: blood pressure, GA: gestational age, y: year, n: number, HDL: high density lipoprotein, LDL: low density lipoprotein, VLDL: very low density lipoprotein, FG: fasting glucose, HOMA-IR: Homestatic model, assessment of insulin resistance, LV: left ventricular; LA: left atrium; EF: ejection fraction; LVM: left ventricular mass, EFT: epicardial fat thickness, NS: nonsignificant.