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ISRN Pharmaceutics
Volume 2012, Article ID 451481, 7 pages
Research Article

Pharmacokinetic-Pharmacodynamic Model of Newly Developed Dexibuprofen Sustained Release Formulations

Faculty of Pharmacy, AIMST University, Semeling, 08100 Bedong, Malaysia

Received 22 October 2012; Accepted 6 November 2012

Academic Editors: M. AghazadehTabrizi and A. Al-Achi

Copyright © 2012 Selvadurai Muralidharan. This is an open access article distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited.


Pharmacokinetic-pharmacodynamic (PK-PD) modeling has emerged as a major tool in clinical pharmacology to optimize drug use by designing rational dosage forms and dosage regimes. Quantitative representation of the dose-concentration-response relationship should provide information for the prediction of the level of response to a certain level of drug dose. This paper describes the experimental details of the preformulation study, tablet manufacture, optimization, and bioanalytical methods for the estimation of dexibuprofen in human plasma. The hydrophilic matrix was prepared with xanthen gum with additives Avicel PH 102. The effect of the concentration of the polymer and different filler, on the in vitro drug release, was studied. Various pharmacokinetic parameters including AUC0–t, AUC0–∞, , , , and elimination rate constant ( ) were determined from the plasma concentration of both formulations of test (dexibuprofen 300 mg) and reference (dexibuprofen 300 mg tablets). The merits of PK-PD in the development of dosage forms and how PK-PD model development necessitates the development of new drugs and bio analytical method development and validation are discussed. The objectives of the present study, namely, to develop and validate the methods to estimate the selected drugs in the biological fluids by HPLC, the development of in vitro dissolution methods, and PK-PD model development have been described.