Research Article

A Profile of Emergency Departments in Slovenia

Table 3

Emergency types identified as treatable in surveyed EDs in Slovenia.

Emergency typeExample of emergencyPercentage of hospital-based EDs able to treat 24/7 (%)Percentage of non-hospital-based EDs able to treat 24/7 (%)

Medical cardiologyArrhythmia, acute myocardial infarction100%97%
Medical oncologyFever and neutropenia75%80%
Medical otherUrinary tract infection, acute asthma100%97%
TraumaMotor vehicle crash, gun shot wound100%97%
Neurological and neurosurgicalAcute thromboembolic stroke, intracranial haemorrhage100%94%
UrologicalKidney stone100%97%
ObstetricalComplications of pregnancy100%90%
GynaecologicalRuptured ovarian cyst, yeast infection100%90%
Ear, nose, throatSevere epistaxis100%94%
OphthalmologicalAcute glaucoma, eye injury100%93%
ToxicologicalOverdose, carbon monoxide poisoning100%96%
DentalTooth extraction100%41%
Surgical oral maxillofacialJaw fracture, oral abscess100%78%
Surgical plasticSevere lip laceration100%96%
Surgical handTendon injury100%92%
Surgical orthopaedicLong bone fractures100%96%
Surgical generalAcute appendicitis, pneumothorax100%94%

Abbreviations: ED: emergency department.