Research Article

Antenatal Corticosteroids for Late-Preterm Infants: A Decision-Analytic and Economic Analysis

Table 6

Number of cases of chronic disease prevented and dollars saved through administration of ACS to hypothetical late-preterm birth cohort, assuming base-case estimates and late-preterm birth rate approximately 331,500 infants.

OutcomesNo ACS with labor (Reference)ACS with labor

Chronic respiratory disease

Cases ( )2320519956
Case prevented ( )Reference3249
Cost saved ($ millions)Reference55.3

Neurodevelopmental delay

Cases ( )816522
Cases prevented ( )Reference294
Cost saved ($ millions)Reference78.0

Death in childhood

Cases ( )21281447
Cases prevented ( )Reference681
Cost saved ($ millions)Reference32.9

ACS: antenatal corticosteroids.