Table 5: Summary of the practices and activities involved in kolanut production in Mokwa and Lavun LGAs of Niger State.

S/NCharacteristicsLavun LGAMokwa LGA

(1)Status of plantationsOld plantations with some young onesMainly old plantations
(2)Soil improvementApplication of organic manure and mulching;No application of manure nor mulching;
(3)Regeneration of old kolanut treesPruning of old kolanut trees to initiate sprouting of new shoot;
Felling of old trees to initiate coppicing.
Old kolanut trees are allowed to naturally fall. Pruning or felling not adopted.
(4)Multiple land use/Incorporated cropsDeliberate planting of crops like pineapple, sweet potato, within and vegetables like okro, spinach, oil palm, and so forthOnly spared banana and/or oil palm trees within kolanut plantation; no deliberate planting of other crops
(5)YieldRelatively increaseDecrease
(6)LabourFamily and friend; and paid labourOnly family and friends
(7)Chemical application to preserve kolanuts in storageIndirectDirect